Laila Benhaida appointed Trainee Archivist


Hello, my name is Laila, and I have recently joined the Coming In from the Cold team as the Trainee Archivist. I previously worked in Buying and Merchandising but have always wanted to break into the Heritage sector.

My first few weeks were spent meeting the team and becoming familiar with the library, archives and previous projects. I have already started cataloguing new archive collections as part of ‘Coming in from the Cold’.  I also attended the BME Networking Event where I met and introduced myself to many fantastic community groups.

The project Archivist, Jo Robson, will be overseeing my training. I am working towards developing my knowledge and experience of working with archive collections and the communities connected to them. I plan to apply for a Diploma/Masters in Archives and Information studies next year.

I’ve always had an interest in race relations and the history of minority-ethnic groups in Great Britain. I think this project will serve a need to provide support to our vibrant community groups and get them thinking about archives as an output of their project. These archived projects will ensure our multicultural history is preserved and recorded for many years to come.

I look forward to sharing my experiences in future posts.


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